A substantial investment has safeguarded the future of a Merseyside chemical facility.


A substantial investment has safeguarded the future of a Merseyside chemical facility.

The Ineos factory in Runcorn has received a significant investment.

In the United Kingdom, the global chemical firm is updating its low-carbon hydrogen supply to fuel transportation.

The investment, according to Ineos, would construct dedicated on-site facilities for the purification and compression of low-carbon hydrogen, as well as loading and delivery to fueling stations across the United Kingdom.

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According to BusinessLive, Ineos’ subsidiary Inovyn manages activities in Runcorn, which primarily produce chlorine, caustic soda, and chlorinated derivatives.

According to Ineos, the investment announced on Wednesday is worth “tens of millions” of pounds.

It goes on to say that the decision ensures the plant’s and supply networks’ long-term viability, with the company employing about 800 people across three North West facilities and supporting a further 7,000.

Ineos announced earlier this week that it would invest £2 billion in green hydrogen projects, with the Runcorn announcement being the first of such pledges in the United Kingdom.

“Our expanding portfolio of clean hydrogen projects reinforces Inovyn’s sustainability strategy and supports the drive to net-zero across the UK and the rest of Europe,” said Geir Tuft, CEO of INOVYN.

“Inovyn is in a unique position to confirm its competence in hydrogen generation and electrolysis, as well as to help further the green energy transition by using clean hydrogen.”

It comes after Ineos said on Monday that it would invest €2 billion in green hydrogen projects to help decarbonize its European operations.

Electrolysis is a process that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, and Ineos is Europe’s largest operator. It already produces 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen and claimed the £2 billion investment will “double down” on that process.

Ineos also announced a hydrogen “innovation bus tour” and claimed it will be present at the COP26 conference in Glasgow next month.

It also stated that it is in a “unique position” to provide clean hydrogen throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

This week, the company also announced that it will construct new electrolyser facilities in Rafnes, Norway, and Cologne, Germany.

“Green hydrogen provides one of our best prospects to create a more sustainable and low-carbon world,” said Sir Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos.

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