A Mother-Daughter Pair Is Discovered Tortured to Death in Chilling Florida Man Murders Sneak Peek


A Mother-Daughter Pair Is Discovered Tortured to Death in Chilling Florida Man Murders Sneak Peek

Florida Man Murders, Oxygen’s real crime series, returns on July 11 with a new batch of crime sprees to investigate, ranging from double homicides to a mystery severed human head.

No longer the Sunshine State. On Saturday, July 10, Oxygen’s blockbuster series Florida Man Murders from Blumhouse Television returns with back-to-back new episodes highlighting the state of Florida’s most heinous cases ever.

Detectives revisit a terrible double homicide in Palm Beach involving a mother and her 20-year-old daughter in an engrossing, exclusive preview clip from Sunday’s “Hurricane Homicides” episode, which airs at 7 p.m. While criminal analyst Kendra Scalese was attempting to solve the case, an incoming huge hurricane threatened to wash away fresh evidence.

“Upon entering, it appeared there had been a struggle just inside the front door,” explained the former Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office analyst of the peculiar crime scene. “The kitchen cabinets had all the doors open like someone was looking for something, but they weren’t ransacked.”

Both dead were located in the master bedroom, the mother on the floor and the daughter on the bed. Both ladies were bound, tormented, and shot in the head, with blood splashing onto their beige Venetian blinds.

The “particularly brutal” set of killings triggered a wide-ranging investigation—all against the backdrop of an approaching cyclone.

Other new episodes include “Alligator God” set in the Florida Everglades, where detectives discover a human head but no body, “Death & Taxes” about a prominent tax attorney who was strangled and imprisoned in a storm shelter, and “Nice Guys Finish Last” about a beloved Florida Keys resident who was murdered in his own home, presumably by a serial criminal.

Watch the unsettling sneak look above in advance of the weekend marathon of Florida Man Murders.

On Saturday, July 10 at 9:00 p.m., Oxygen will premiere back-to-back episodes of Florida Man Murders.


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