‘A Million Little Things – Episode 13’ Season 3: Preview teases the fate of 1 Character


Things get heated in the Howard family in the trailer for “A Million Little Things,” season 3, episode 13. Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina Howard (Christina Moses) talk about their feelings after the death of George Floyd. Meanwhile, Rome’s father, Walter Howard (Lou Beatty, Jr.), is at a protest when someone gets hurt.

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The final episode of “A Million Little Things,” “Junior,” ended with the shocking death of George Floyd. Rome and Regina’s foster son Tyrell (Adam Swain) received a link to the video from his girlfriend. As a result, the entire Howard family watched in despair. Although no video was played in the series, the producers assumed that the viewers knew what it contained. A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 13 picks up amid protests for the unjust murder of George Floyd.

Keep your eyes on the streets… A new episode of #AMillionLittleThings airs tomorrow at 10|9c on ABC! pic.twitter.com/tcXKTaP8xX

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Before watching the video, Regina and Rome spoke separately with Florence (Karen Robinson) and Walter about their new relationship. Florence wanted to take things to the next level, but she wasn’t sure if Walter was ready for that. Fortunately, Regina told her that Walter had a condom ready. Meanwhile, Rome and Tyrell told Walter that they could tell Florence was into him. The pep talk about the elderly widowers was a sweet moment before the tragedy.

Trailer for ‘A Million Little Things’ season 3 episode 13 heralds more tragedies to come

In a trailer for “A Million Little Things” Season 3 Episode 13, the Howard family prepares to protest the unjust murder of George Floyd. Rome, however, will not participate because he is afraid of the anger that could overtake him.

“I don’t trust myself right now, Gina,” Rome admits in the trailer for A Million Little Things season 3 episode 13. “I know that if a cop even blows the wrong whistle…”

Rome doesn’t finish his sentence before the scene shifts to a clip of protesters in the streets. Rome then gives her foster son Tyrell a warning before heading off to protest.


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“There are cops out there looking for a reason to take your life,” Rome tells Tyrell. “Young man, don’t give them a reason.”

The trailer’s final scene is the creepiest. It is obvious that both Florence and Regina have joined the movement on the streets with Walter and Tyrell. Rome, however, stayed home and watched the protests on television. That’s when he received a call from his father that someone was hurt.

“Rome, she’s been hurt,” Walter says to his son in the trailer for “A Million Little Things” Season 3 Episode 13.

Is someone leaving the “A Million Little Things” cast?

The viewers don’t know yet who was injured and how badly. Was the person injured badly enough to die? It’s probably Florence or Regina, but it could be one of the other female characters. Maggie Bloom (Allison Miller) or Darcy Cooper (Floriana Lima) could have joined their friends in the protest. So it could also be one of these two women. There are photos showing Katherine (Grace Park) at the protests with Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli) and Alan Kay (Terry Chen), so she is also a possibility.

None of the actors have revealed anything yet about whether they will leave A Million Little Things. Fans’ first guess is Florence, since she was probably closest to Walter at the time. Anyway, viewers will have to wait and see what happens when A Million Little Things season 3 episode 13 airs on ABC on May 12, 2021.


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