A man was stabbed in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre in a “appalling” crime.


A man was stabbed in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre in a “appalling” crime.

In Concert Square, a man was stabbed in a “appalling” crime, according to police.

In the event, the victim received a wound to his left arm, which is being treated as a targeted attack.

The stabbing’s details emerged after disturbing images of a different attack in Liverpool’s city center.

ALDI plans to open seven additional locations in Merseyside.

On Monday, June 7, about 1.20 a.m., there was a scuffle in Concert Square.

When the victim was set upon and assaulted, he was in line for a McCooley’s. He was left with a “small puncture wound” that necessitated medical attention.

CCTV and witness inquiries are being conducted by Merseyside Police in order to identify individuals responsible.

“This was a horrific act that left a man hurt, thankfully not more badly, and we are seeking to discover those guilty and bring them to justice,” Detective Inspector Sean Kelly-Martland said.

“At this time, the circumstances and reasons for this attack are unknown, but we believe it was targeted.

“This would have been a frightening incident to witness, so please get in touch if you were around Concert Square in the early hours of Monday, June 7 and observed anything or anyone unusual. It’s possible that the information you have is crucial to our investigation.”

On social media over the weekend, shocking footage of a stabbing in what seemed to be Williamson Square was circulated.

Two men can be seen battling on the ground while two others standing above them hurl kicks and punches at them in the footage.

One of the men then reaches into his pocket and pulls out what seems to be a weapon, before thrusting his arm three times towards one of the men on the floor.

When the recording was shared online, it sparked outrage.

The incident had not been reported to Merseyside Police, but the force was aware of the footage and requested anyone with information to come forward.

Anyone with information regarding either event is encouraged to phone Merseyside Police. The summary comes to a close.


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