’90 Day Fiancé’: Rose Vega just came on strong and increased her net worth.


When Rose Vega appeared on 90 Day Fiancé with Big Ed Brown, she shared a house with her family and people accused her of using Brown for money. Now that they broke up, Vega has proven that she doesn’t need Brown or anyone else to make a living. Fans love Vega’s revamped journey. Recently, she made a purchase that will surely increase her fortune.


’90 Day Fiancé’: Rose and Ed’s relationship.

When Brown Vega visited the Philippines, he stayed with her for one night at her family’s house. The condition of Vega’s home was not what Brown had imagined.

“The conditions were not expected,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight after the season ended. “I knew up front it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it actually was. There was like a monsoon and the power went out and it rained on me all night, like ‘drip drip.'”

He continued, saying Vega’s house was dangerous.

“There were wires exposed everywhere, and the water was dripping in, and the power was going on and off, so the fan was going on and off, so that scared me,” he said. “So I was afraid of getting electrocuted. I was getting bitten by mosquitoes, and my colleague said they have mosquitoes that can fly, and of course they didn’t have windows, and all of that was stressing me out. I was just miserable.”


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Rose Vega’s makeover

Since the show ended, Vega has amassed a following of 500,000 people on Instagram. She no longer lives with her family in the house that had no windows or doors. She bought land and built a two-story house for herself and her son Prince. In the new house, she and Prince have their own bedrooms and Vega even has her own bathroom.

Vega also learned to drive to be more independent.

“I’m learning to drive to increase my knowledge,” she captioned a picture showing her in a car. “I am grateful to my older bater because he is careful when he teaches me. It’s not an easy lesson, but he wants to learn from me in his heart and mind when he succeeds.”

Rose Vega reveals her farm on YouTube

Vega revealed some time ago that she bought a farm in Bicol, a region in the Philippines that attracts many adventurous tourists. In a YouTube video, Vega shared that she and her family are vacationing at the farm, which is named Ala Negra Resort.


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