9 ideas to urge pre-teen youngsters to quit trying to be adults on National Childhood Day


9 ideas to urge pre-teen youngsters to quit trying to be adults on National Childhood Day

Many children are growing up too soon and striving to act like adults, despite the fact that they are still children who should be playing and having fun. This is fueled by a toxic cocktail of marketing, media, and peer pressure.

According to previous study conducted by parenting website Netmums (netmums.com), more than two-thirds of parents believe childhood ends at the age of 12, and a third believe it ends at the age of just ten. While we would anticipate early teenagers to strive to act like adults, the tween years of 10-12 appear to be too young to lose the innocence of childhood, when children should be having fun rather than worrying about their appearance or attempting to look manly.

On June 11, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) hopes to encourage more children of all ages to play in order to relieve stress caused by the pandemic and just enjoy letting their imagination run wild.

Alex Gray, service head of the NSPCC’s Childline, says, “The years before a kid becomes a teenager may be a tough and stressful time” (childline.org.uk). “It’s normal for young individuals at this age to feel pressured to appear more mature, almost as if they’ve skipped over their adolescent years. Due to the various obstacles children have faced as a result of the pandemic, these pressures may have been amplified during the previous year.”

“Children don’t have a particularly sophisticated sense of time,” says Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of the Good Play Guide (goodplayguide.com). However, if they are surrounded by playful adults, play ceases to be seen as childish, so it is up to parents and older adults in the family to model playful behavior, play family games together, and simply be silly and have fun – then play ceases to be seen as something that only small children do.”

According to Gray and Gummer, there are a variety of things parents may do to assist pre-teen children appreciate the simple pleasures of being a child.

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