28 new dwellings will be built on the site of a former Liverpool tavern.


28 new dwellings will be built on the site of a former Liverpool tavern.

Liverpool Council has accepted plans to create 28 new houses on the site of a former community bar.

At a meeting this morning, members of the planning committee approved Romaltra’s plans for new dwellings on the site of the Hermitage Tavern on Lilly Grove, just off Queens Drive.

Two terraced rows with 16 homes each will be developed towards Lilly Grove, with a third three-story building facing Queens Drive housing 12 apartments.

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The Hermitage Tavern has been closed for several years, and the structure was demolished between four and five years ago.

The plans were recommended for approval by the council’s planning committee, with officer reports stating that the property currently has minimal value to the local region.

“As a private facility, guarded by a wooden perimeter fence and closed gates with no public access, the site has no amenity value for recreation,” the assessment stated.

“The land also has minimal visual amenity value because it is overgrown and unmanaged, and it is thought that the good contribution the residential development would make to housing supply in Liverpool should be given significant weight.

“There are regeneration benefits in that the project would allow for a more efficient use of an under-used site with a building of residential dwellings that would make a significant addition to the city’s housing supply.”

For the terraced residences, the plans also contain a garden area.

Hundreds of people were contacted about the plans, with the major objections stemming from concerns about increased traffic on Lilly Grove.

However, the suggestions were approved by the committee, allowing development to begin.


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