218 Raw Scans, Release Date, And Predictions For ‘Tokyo Revengers’ [Spoilers]


218 Raw Scans, Release Date, And Predictions For ‘Tokyo Revengers’ [Spoilers]

Many fans’ fears were confirmed by the latest manga edition of Ken Wakui’s hit work. Now that Draken and Takemichi have promised to liberate Sano Manjiro from his dark desires, fans are even more eager to learn the Chapter 218 release date, spoilers, and raw scans.

Release Date with Spoilers and Raw Scans

Every week, Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine publishes a new chapter of the manga “Tokyo Revengers.” It’s worth mentioning that, while other websites sell manga copies, Kodansha is the only approved distributor.

Fans will be able to witness Chapter 218 of “Tokyo Revengers” on Wednesday if there are no delays. Industry insiders typically post spoilers for the next chapter on numerous community forums, websites, and social media channels two days before the manga’s official release. The raw images will most likely be available online on Tuesday, but they may be in Japanese, as is customary.

Roundup of Chapter 217

Takemichi’s new power, a vision that provides him a peek of the future, was verified in the most current chapter of “Tokyo Revengers.” The manga didn’t go into much detail regarding this new power. However, it established that whatever was revealed would indeed happen in the future, even if some specifics in the vision may not be correct.

Draken also learnt about Mikey’s version in the alternate future via Takemichi. Mikey had purposefully made them dislike him so he could keep his vow to Takemichi, he realized. Mikey pledged to keep all members of Toman safe and protected them, including Hina, after Toman disintegrated.

Predictions and Spoilers in Chapter 218

Sano Manjiro will most likely appear in the next manga installment. If this is the case, it will be Mikey’s first official appearance in the series following Takemichi’s 10-year time jump.

There’s also a chance that episode 218 of “Tokyo Revengers” will reveal more about Mikey as a person and as the head of the Kantou Manji Gang. In this chapter, fans may witness more of Takemichi’s new ability and learn more about Senju and Sanzu.


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