216 Raw Scans, Release Date, And Predictions For ‘Tokyo Revengers’ [Spoilers]


216 Raw Scans, Release Date, And Predictions For ‘Tokyo Revengers’ [Spoilers]

The events in the current issue of Ken Wakui’s popular manga 216 have generated more concerns than they have answered. Fans will be even more interested and curious once raw scans, spoilers, and the official release of “Tokyo Revengers” 216 become available.

Release Date with Spoilers and Raw Scans

If there are no delays or modifications in the plan, “Tokyo Revengers” will release a new chapter every week.

Chapter 216 is set to be released on Wednesday.

Insiders generally post spoilers and raw images of the next manga installment on numerous forums and websites. A few days before the manga’s formal release, some spoilers leak online.

Those interested in reading the manga should go to Kodansha.

Predictions and Spoilers in Chapter 216

The events that occurred after Draken (Ken Ryuguji) informed Takemichi that he was a member of Brahman were revealed in “Tokyo Revengers” 215. However, instead of telling the time traveler why he joined the delinquent gang, something more interesting happened.

Fans watched Hanagaki Takemichi ultimately join the gang and meet its top dog Senju Kawaragi the next day at the end of the newest manga edition.

Takemichi emerged in Harajuku in the last panel of the previous chapter, and instead of the regular Senju with his distinctive umbrella, someone who looked like Senju appeared at the meeting spot. The character was dressed in a girl’s school uniform and resembled Brahman’s top dog. This sparked a lot of speculation among enthusiasts.

It does, however, explain why, when Senju asked Takemichi to meet him later, Akashi told him to “just be prepared.” In “Tokyo Revengers” 216, fans may learn more about Senju Karawagi. There’s a good chance that the next manga issue will clarify why Senju was dressed in a girl’s outfit.

Even with the way he was treating Takemichi, Brahman’s top dog gave off the same vibes as Manjiro Sano. While he may appear enigmatic at first, the manga will undoubtedly reveal more about him as the story unfolds.

Meanwhile, fans of “Tokyo Revengers” are eager to see Mikey or learn more about him in the next chapter.


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