10 Years Ago, Tom Hiddleston Foresaw Loki’s Gender Identity Being Fluid: It’s “the Fabric of the Character”


10 Years Ago, Tom Hiddleston Foresaw Loki’s Gender Identity Being Fluid: It’s “the Fabric of the Character”

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is a gender-fluid character. A recent promo for the Disney+ series, which launched June 9, revealed this reveal to eagle-eyed viewers. The announcement sparked a lot of discussion on social media. This isn’t just some random story line Marvel threw in for variety’s sake. Loki is gender flexible in both Marvel comics and beyond, according to a slew of evidence. Hiddleston, for one, has been aware of Loki’s gender identity since he was cast in the role ten years ago. In a recent interview, he discussed the representation of LGBTQ+ people.

In Marvel comics and beyond, Loki is a genderless character.

Loki’s sex was described as “fluid” in a Marvel TV show promo released on June 6. His dossier with the Time Variance Authority also stated that he is 6 feet 4 inches tall, has blue eyes, black hair, and weighs 525 pounds.

Loki’s birthplace was also listed as Jodenheim, with question marks in the race/ethnicity, age, and date of birth boxes. His surname is Laufeyson, according to the information. The more you know, the better! Loki was always expected to delve more into the character’s past and identity. The inclusion of the character’s gender fluidity is a continuation of Loki facts from mythology and the Marvel comics.

Loki has manifested in my many forms throughout the Marvel comics. His shape-shifting abilities allow him to transform into whatever he wants. In the comics, he has appeared as Lady Loki, whose pansexuality and gender fluidity are canon. He’s even manifested as animals. And in one 2014 Marvel comic, Odin said Loki was both his son and daughter. But through the Marvel movies, Loki has been presented as a man. That is, Loki has never specified his gender identity or pronouns in any of the films.

However, according to Hiddleston, he’s been playing Loki as fluid the entire time.

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